Top Home Inspection Mistakes

Home inspectors not only identify problems with a property, they also provide the buyer with crucial information that can help with the home’s upkeep. Home inspectors aim to give you all the information they possibly can about the home you’re buying, this includes any info they can provide on maintaining the home because for most people, buying a home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Get the most out of your home inspection by avoiding these top home inspection mistakes many buyers and sellers make.

Seller Mistakes

You might be wondering what kinds of mistakes a seller would make when it comes to home inspections. Aren’t most home inspections done for buyers? Well, yes and no, which brings us to mistake number one.

1. Not getting a pre-sale inspection – Many sellers believe they already know everything there is to know about the home they’re selling and often skip a pre-sale home inspection. A pre-sale home inspection helps the seller by uncovering any problems they haven’t yet discovered. It also gives them a chance to fix those problems before listing the property. When a seller forgoes the pre-sale inspection, they could encounter serious surprises during the buyer’s inspection.

2. Not preparing for the inspection – It’s important for the seller to prepare for the home inspection by moving items out of the way of key access areas for the inspector such as the attic access, electrical panel and HVAC access. Sellers should also remove or restrain pets during inspections. Finally, the seller should make sure to leave keys for any locked areas such as sheds, rooms, storage areas or closets.

Buyer Mistakes

Buyers can also make mistakes when it comes to the home inspection. Here are a few of the top mistakes buyers make.

1. Not choosing a qualified inspector – Many buyers just go with whomever is recommended by one of the agents instead of doing their homework and due diligence to choose an experienced and qualified inspector. The buyer should ideally find an inspector with several years experience in and around construction who is licensed in their state and follows the standards of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). It’s also important to choose someone who keeps current with the latest regulations and education.

2. Not attending the inspection – Attending the inspection is crucial for the buyer. The inspector can show the buyer any flaws or problems found as well as give them valuable information about the home they’re buying. This information includes where shut-off valves are, maintenance and upkeep advice and details about the condition of the home.

3. Not reviewing the inspector’s report – Just like not attending the inspection is a crucial mistake, so too is not reviewing the inspection report. The inspection report contains detailed information about every problem and every flaw and often has information about maintenance and appliances and other components of the home compiled in one handy report.

Buyers and sellers often make some major mistakes up to and during a home sale transaction, from not getting a pre-sale inspection to not attending the inspection before they buy the home. It’s important not to waste the money you spend on an inspection with these mistakes. Be there, review everything, prepare for the inspection and choose a qualified and experienced inspector.