My clients work with Alan from Bridgewater home watch and they really appreciate how thorough the inspections are and the time Alan commits to their inspection. He uses state of the art equipment and technology to find leaks, and other issues. I have never heard one negative comment or had any disappointed clients, thank you Alan for your service to my clients.

Rose I.D., Realtor, Myrtle Beach

The report was very detailed, complete with pictures. My questions we answered very promptly.

Mona D., Haverhill, MA

Bridgewater Home Watch was a pleasure to work with. They were very thorough in their inspection and took time to answer my questions. Even though I am sure they had lots of inspections to do they took time to listen to my concerns. Being new to the area, they even gave me recommendations for various home repair vendors. Great people to work with that actually care about their customers!

Kathy M., Little River, SC

Alan and Pauline are wonderful to work with. Alan is very thorough and extremely knowledgeable!

Barbara H.C., Realtor, Myrtle Beach

They [Bridgewater Home Watch] inspected a property I am purchasing. They were very thorough and professional and the report was easy to understand. I would highly recommend them.

Philip P., Neptune, NY

Very thorough….great service….if you need an 11 month home inspection please use this company!

Tara H., Myrtle Beach

We contracted with this company to do a home inspection on a property we were in contract to purchase. This inspection went beyond our expectations in the depth of detail that was provided. The technology employed to perform aspects of the inspection was provided details about the property that we probably would not have with a traditional home inspection. Use of drones and infrared technology provided us with a true evaluation of the home. The customer service and professionalism provided by the owner and his wife was excellent. We highly recommend this company for your home inspections. You will not be disappointed with the completed inspection.

Rhonda B., Latham, NY

The information provided on the first call was warm and inviting, making you feel this was the best selection chosen to provide my inspection. The service received was very thorough and covered all areas of my property, the documents were easy to understand recommendations for suggested findings of inspection providing color photos…. I would definitely recommend Bridgewater Home Watch,LLC!

Loretta H.R., Burlington, NC

I can’t say enough about this company; the owners are truly wonderful caring people. I was given the most detailed and professionally written inspection report. The owners took the time to answer all my questions and promptly returned my calls. They truly care about their customers. I would highly recommend.

Natalie R., Washingtonville, NY

Alan and Pauline of Bridgewater Home Watch & Inspections did our Home Purchase Inspection for our Duplex in Murrells Inlet. They were recommended by our Realtor, and they did an amazing job. Pauline scheduled us quickly and thoroughly explained the process. Alan did an excellent and very thorough home inspection and provided a detailed report the same day. I highly recommend Bridgewater for the services they provide.

Harvey C., Abington, MD

Bridgewater performed our new home inspection after much resistance from our builder. Pauline and Alan were very understanding with us and worked with us very professionally. The inspection was extremely thorough and found some minor issues, which were resolved by the builder before we closed on the property. Although many county codes and inspections take place during the construction process, I highly recommend an independent inspection and Bridgewater would be my choice. They were exceptional.

Joy C., Conway

Alan did an excellent job inspecting our new home. We will continue to use this company’s service annually. He was very professional and on point with the inspection. He also identified and showed me every error. The report was successful in helping us have items replaced or fixed on our new home. Highly recommended!

Miranda G., Myrtle Beach

I highly recommend using Bridgewater Home Watch. Alan is very thorough. He used infrared imaging that was not an extra charge and both clients were very satisfied with his inspection. Thank you.

Laura B., Realtor, Little River

My client was really impressed with Alan. He was on time and very professional. Beach Cove Realty highly recommends Bridgewater Home Watch!

Mike B., Broker-In-Charge, Myrtle Beach

Gets the job done for the home buyer

Mary Ann W., Conway

This company by far exceeded my expectations. Pauline was very helpful when calling to get a quote on cost of a home inspection explaining to me what to expect and the differences that their company offers. She did a great job with follow up and I couldn’t be more happier. I highly recommend and would give it more stars if it let me.

Jody B., Myrtle Beach

Thank you for the excellent service.

Bob S., Myrtle Beach

They are so proactive. In addition to other services, they even offer an 11-month Builder Warranty Inspection which I had never heard of! Many times home warranties expire within the 1st year after closing. Getting your home warranty inspection done before the end of the 1st year expiration is your FINAL opportunity to identify and inform the builder of any items that need to be repaired/replaced. And they even include thermal imaging at no extra charge!

Brenda T., Myrtle Beach

Great family run business. Very professional with a personal touch. I highly recommend them.

Kerri A., Shallotte, NC

I researched about 9 other companies seeking someone for a home inspection for our possible new home to be. After reading their company bio i knew this was the company i wanted to try.Let me also say we just moved to SC about 1.5 months ago and know but maybe 2-4 people. Now like any company you hire words on their site look great but you never know what your getting. I spoke to the company secretary who is also the wife of this family owned company. She was absolutely delightful and while explaining to me what type of work they give you i could feel the passion she had and the confidence in her husbands work ethic and it blew me away. The day came for our home inspection and i like to arrive early at the residence and when my wife and I arrived 10 minutes early he was already on the roof and started. He was very personable, outgoing and asked if i had any questions right off the bat. He did his thing and went to each and every nook and cranny of the home using all the most updated tools needed to do his job. He made sure we saw what was going on and explained as he went when needed. He made us feel completely comfortable and did not rush to get finished. Not for a second did he rush his job. He was very detailed, full of information and just amazing.His report was also done within 24hrs as promised to. He was extremely nice to the home owner and us. He did his job to the fullest and all we can say is we are so grateful we chose Bridge Water Home Watch. If you need a home inspector i strongly recommend this company. Thank you for making our experience as good as it could have been and for reminding us that there are good companies still out there in this world who care about their work and their clients. Thank you so very much, Scott and Mary.

Scott T. R. & Mary W., Myrtle Beach

As a Realtor I deal with many home inspectors. Alan really stands out from the rest. He is honest and professional and always does a great job for all of his clients.

Lou B., Realtor, Myrtle Beach

Alan is very thorough and professional. Both Alan and Pauline are very friendly as well!

Keri W., Myrtle Beach

We needed our home inspected and gave a call to Bridgewater. Pauline answered the phone and got us scheduled quickly and was extremely helpful. Very fair pricing and got us in in the time we needed. Upon completion by Alan, we received a detailed report of a thorough inspection of the house. Alan uses an amazing device to check places where many others won’t. Pauline and Alan were so nice and professional through the whole process. We absolutely recommend Bridgewater Home Inspections. Thank you so much!

Christopher R., Myrtle Beach

Alan does a fantastic job! He is thorough and honest! Alan’s knowledge and follow up is top notch! Pauline was able to schedule our inspection promptly and kept us informed throughout the whole process! I have used a few home inspection companies in the past and Bridgewater is by far the best! Fair price and inspection results you can trust!

Becky C., Myrtle Beach

My wife and I hired Allan for an inspection on a home that we were interested in buying. The house appeared to be in great shape and a great buy. Allan’s expertise along with his “tools of the trade” found so many problems with the house that goes beyond what we had expected and revealed current and future issues with the home. Needless to say we back out along with his recommendations. Even his counterpart (Pauline ) went well beyond and found us a home/builder that they trusted which has now become our place we call home. Integrity ….honesty and knowledgeable just to name a few of the company. Top notch

Mark A.C., Myrtle Beach

Bridgewater is amazing! Pauline is super friendly and explains everything leading up to the inspection! Alan is a true professional and provides a thorough complete inspection of the property with quick reports. My wife and I absolutely recommend Pauline and Alan! Thank you!

Ryan C., Myrtle Beach