Thermal Imaging

Infrared thermography is a powerful technology that helps home inspectors locate, identify, quantify, and communicate today what could be a much bigger issue for the customer tomorrow.

Bridgewater Home Watch’s owner, manager and licensed home inspector, Alan J. Goncalves, received training to perform residential thermal imaging inspections. Alan is a certified residential infrared thermographer.

How We Use Infrared Cameras in Our Home Inspections

  • Discover hidden water from plumbing leaks and other sources in walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Document working and inoperable appliances
  • Find insulated walls and ceilings / detect missing and improperly installed insulation
  • Detect “HOT” electrical circuits
  • Find infestation from mice, ants, termites, bees and other vermin

Fire Hazard

Home Inspection and Thermal Imaging

Important Facts About Infrared Cameras

  • Infrared cameras are not X-Ray machines
  • Infrared cameras only show surface temperature patterns
  • Alan is trained and certified to properly interpret the infrared findings

Detecting Wet Areas

* Please kindly note that specific conditions are needed to find wet building materials. However, when those condition are met, we may discover things that you could not see with the naked eye.

Wet Carpet in the corner

Thermal Imaging during a Home Inspection can help detect water damage.

Water Behind Drywall!

Thermal Imaging can fid hidden leaks behind walls or previous water damage caused by leaking pipes behind interior walls of your home during a home inspection.

Condensate overflow

Water in Exterior Stucco

My Pet is “House Trained”..NOT!

Water in wall from window leak

Document Appliance Conditions

  • Properly operating appliances will exhibit thermal differences that are easily detected with an infrared camera

Water Heater Working

Hot water to kitchen sink

Range Top working properly

Refrigerator cold

Are the walls insulated

  • Energy Audits have become a full time job for some people and the use of thermal imaging systems is one of the leading tools used.
  • What can you see?

Missing Insulation

Missing insulation under and next to window

Energy Examples

Energy Examples

Energy Examples

Energy Examples

Air Infiltration

Door weatherstripping bad

Hot areas showing heat loss

Electrical Panel Inspection

Insect and Vermin Locations

  • Again, under the proper conditions, infestations are easily detected using infrared cameras

Infestations Bee’s nest above porch roof

Infestations Bee’s nest in wall of home