Builder’s Warranty Inspections

A builder’s warranty (also called builder’s warranty insurance) is a warranty on a newly built home that guarantees to replace or repair certain parts or components of the home if a problem is found. The builder’s warranty can be provided by the builder or by a third-party provider enlisted by the builder. The builder’s warranty also governs the process for filing a claim and how repairs are carried out.

What Does a Builder’s Warranty Cover?

The builder’s warranty generally includes limited coverage on specific parts or components of the home. You’ll want to read the fine print on your builder’s warranty to verify the list of covered items for your home, but in most cases, the builder’s warranty covers materials and workmanship on the following:

  • Builder's Warranty Home Inspections Myrtle BeachWindows, Doors and Their Trim
  • Siding/Stucco/Brick
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical System
  • Roofing
  • HVAC
  • Drywall and Paint
  • Water Heater
  • Safety Hazards

Builder’s warranties typically do not cover most appliances inside the home or components that have a longer or more extensive warranty provided by that item’s manufacturer. They also don’t cover any time you might need to relocate for repairs to take place or your personal possessions so it’s important to also make sure you have adequate coverage under your homeowner’s insurance policy to cover what the builder’s warranty does not.

Builder’s Warranty Inspections

Did you know that you can have an inspection prior to the expiration of your builder’s warranty to examine the covered elements to ensure there are no problems or defects? You can!

We highly recommend a first-year anniversary inspection for home buyers. This type of home inspection should be performed 11 months after closing. Home Builder’s warranties usually expire one year after settlement. We offer builder’s warranty home inspections that deliver a detailed punch list for you to give to your builder. Our punch list verifies items that need to be replaced/repaired before your new home warranty expires.

Do not pay for your builder’s mistakes! If your builder’s warranty is about to expire soon, it’s important to have an independent home inspection of your home done by Bridgewater Home Watch. Call us at (843) 903-HOME (4663) before your builder’s warranty expires.