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Whether you are buying or selling a home, town-home, or condominium, we are your best bet for a certified home inspection. We do quality home inspections at affordable rates.
We offer thermal imaging AT NO extra charge, free estimates, as well as prompt and detailed reporting. For a dependable home inspection that help protect you with your investment, call today!
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    Home & Condominium Inspections - Certified and Licensed Home Inspector

    Home & Condominium Inspections

    During a home inspection, Bridgewater Home Watch’s owner, manager and home inspector, Alan, will perform a detailed check of the home’s exterior, interior, and major systems, to include the roof, skylights, attics, crawlspaces, basements, porch, desk, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, water heater, and garages. He will then provide a detailed report with full color pictures of all findings within 24 hours after the inspection is completed.

    Bridgewater Home Watch wants to make sure you as the buyer understand every finding, so clear pictures of hard to understand problems are always provided. After your report is issued, if you have any questions or concerns, Alan will walk you page by page through the report’s findings until you feel comfortable and all of your questions and concerns are answered.

    At Bridgewater Home Watch, we inspect mid-rise and high-rise condominiums and townhouses. We provide our clients detailed inspection reports that documents the condition of systems, components, and appliances, including illustrations, photographs, and maintenance advice. Scheduling an inspection is easy!

    Simply go to our scheduling bar above and book your inspection online
    or call us at 843-903-HOME (4663).

    Builder’s Warranty Home Inspections - Licensed Home Inspector

    Builder’s Warranty Home Inspections

    Do not pay for your builder’s mistakes. If your builder’s warranty is about to expire soon, it is important to have an independent home inspection of your home done by Bridgewater Home Watch. We offer builder’s warranty home inspections that deliver a detailed punch list for you to give to your builder before your new home warranty expires. We highly recommend a first-year anniversary inspection for home buyers. This type of home inspection should be performed 11 months after closing. Warranties for newly constructed homes typically offer coverage on workmanship and materials relating to various components of the home such as windows, heating, ventilation, HVAC, safety hazards, roof leaks, plumbing, and electrical systems. Home Builder’s warranties usually expire one year after settlement. Our punch list verifies items that need to be replaced/repaired before your new home warranty expires.

    Call us before your builder’s warranty expires.

    Four Point Home Inspections

    Four Point Inspections

    A Four Point Inspection is often required before an insurance policy can be issued on older homes. A Four Point Inspection focuses only on the four major components of a home: HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and roofing. These major systems of the home may have worn out over long years of service. In some cases, one or more of these systems may need to be updated or replaced because their failure could lead to costly damage to your home.

    At Bridgewater Home Watch, Alan performs a thorough inspection and provides a comprehensive report to you and your insurance agency. Alan will inform you with the findings and answer any questions that you may have.

    Roof Inspections

    Roof Inspections

    Bridgewater Home Watch will provide an unbiased analysis of your roofing system. Many contractors provide roof inspections and then offer their services to repair problems that may or may not need fixing. Bridgewater Home Watch has no affiliation with any roofing company and will never recommend repair or replacement unless we find actual problems with the roofing system.

    Our roof certification includes: evaluation of shingles, roof penetrations, roof ventilation, decking, active leak inspection, fascia, gutters, drains, and skylights. The roof decking is inspected from inside the attic at no additional cost to you. Bridgewater Home Watch will issue a roof certification document and we will send the information to your insurance agency if requested by you.